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Keep customers coming back for more

Every business wants to increase sales and has the challenge of finding customers and getting them to come back again and again. With Cashback Solutions we can offer you the opportunity to compete with the big players and become part of the worlds larget shopping network.

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Branded loyalty cards

Imagine a cashback card branded with your business. Your customers will earn cashback and shopping points when they shop with you, and they will also be able to use their client loyalty card earning cashback and shopping points with 95,000 retailers across the world. In the UK we are privileged to be part of the Love to Shop network. Our business development service will help you to compete with the retail giants!

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What's in it for you?

You gain loyal customers, and you get 1% of what they spend when they shop using the cashback card. 

We have a sophisticated back office system to help you manage your very own cashback card and contains marketing solutions to help you keep in touch with your customers and generate special deals. You can also send out surveys to find out what your customers think. Our team will support the integration of the loyalty programme and provide training for your team.

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Branded Loyalty Cards

Branded Cashback Card


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